Or “scan & wait” ? the reason i stopped using scan & go





VinMart 4.0 the first virtual store in Vietnam

Virtual store presents images of more than 100 products on large-format posters, which can then be purchased online. - Photo: Vingroup

The VinMart 4.0 virtual store run by VinCommerce under the Vingroup has been launched in Vietphái mạnh.

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VinMart 4.0 presents images of more than 100 products on large-format posters. Products and brands are arranged in eye-catching color arrangements similar khổng lồ actual counters & shelves in supermarkets.

The virtual stores will be placed in densely-populated areas such as dormitories, office buildings, schools, & bus stops.

Customers need only open the VinID app, select the Scan và Go feature, scan the QR code of the products they wish to lớn buy at VinMart 4.0, and pay with the VinID tiện ích.

VinMart will deliver goods within two lớn four hours. To begin with, it has selected 20 locations in Hanoi và Ho Chi Minch City for its virtual stores & will continue to exp& to lớn other locations around the country.

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Along with VinMart 4.0, customers can also experience “buying from afar” through the Smart Shopping Handbook. The handbook has two versions - paper & online - helping customers khổng lồ select & buy products directly by scanning QR codes on the Scan & Go feature. More than 800 items are divided inkhổng lồ groups, meeting the need for essential consumer goods such as food, utensils, & personal care products.

The VinMart 4.0 virtual store & Smart Shopping Handbook are the first such models applied in Vietphái nam, enabling customers lớn buy goods remotely without having khổng lồ go khổng lồ the supermarket. The Scan và Go feature was put inlớn operation in March, not only adding many items, especially fresh products and green vegetables, but also expanding the scope from 13 to 73 VinMart stores nationwide.

As a pioneer in bringing such modern shopping technologies khổng lồ Vietphái mạnh, which are developed to lớn suit local consumers, VinCommerce & VinID want to create a revolution in retail consumption in Vietphái mạnh, offering solutions to lớn save time and increase utilities.

VinMart Scan và Go also brings consumers access và familiarization with the trover of modern cashless payments in the world through of activating e-wallets on the VinID ứng dụng or using bank cards quickly và securely.

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With upgrades và additional features to lớn come on Scan và Go, VinCommerce continues lớn affirm its pioneering role in applying technology 4.0 and is the leading retailer in the convenient multi-channel supermarket Model in Vietnam, seeing Vietnamese retail catch up with retail giải pháp công nghệ around the world.