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Welcome khổng lồ Wellspring Saigon, an international bilingual school dedicated to bilingual academic excellence and student potential development.

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At Wellspring Saigon, we understand that each student is a unique individual who needs a safe, caring, and inspiring environment in which to discover themselves & to lớn grow.Wellspring Saigon have developed our program on the integration of Vietnam Ministry of Education và Training standard program & the comtháng core standard program of the state of Massachusetts, the United State.

We hope Wellspring Saigon students will have a firm life skills foundation through our curriculum & club activities, which are basedon Social Emotional Learning (SEL) model. Upon achieving 15 suggested SEL skills, students will have sầu a better understanding of theiremotions, & able lớn manage those feelings. It will also raise students’ sympathy và empathy for others as well as how to maintainpositive relationships, handle different situations with a constructive và ethical standards. After two years of continuous effort toimprove sầu the quality of teaching & learning, the school entered the Sixed school year, 2019-2020, with a comprehensive sầu faculty andover 1,300 happy, healthy, obedient và self confident students. Many students had won high prizes in the domestic and internationalacademic competitions. With the investment of the School Leadership Team, the determination of Teachers - Students, và thecompanionship of Parents, the determined goal of the school will be achieved for this new school year.

We always welcome Parents & Students khổng lồ visit Wellspring Saigon lớn learn more about the school’s curriculum.


1. Teaching:

-Assist expat teachers in planning và preparinglessons.

-Assist teachers to deliver engaging lesson thatsupport students below grade màn chơi while also pushing at và above sầu grade level.

-Assist teachers with logistics arrangement.

-Deliver remedial classes that help students whoneed tư vấn in learning as designed & prescribed by the teachers. s

-Assist expat teachers with marking và correctingwork.

-Follow students’ learning progress và remindwhen needed.

-Ensure a safe and productive sầu learning environmentfor all students.

-Attover professional development workshops asdirected by supervisor.

-Attend TA meeting as scheduled by Head/ DeputyHead of TA.

-Encourage and enforce và English speakingenvironment for all students within the school compound.

Regularly update the students’ performance to parents.


-Ensure that equipment used in the classroom is forinstructional purposes.

-Assist teachers in ordering supplies forclassroom activities.

-Assist in general maintenance and cleaning of theclassroom after activities.

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-Manage & arrange documents in office space inwell ordered.

-Participate in the annual performance reviewprocess as conducted by direct supervisor.

- Check, print and deliver student’s academic reports twice a semester.

3. Communication:

-Check e-mail daily khổng lồ receive updated schoolinformation.

-Translate during teacher-parent conferences orofficial emails between expat teachers & parents.

-Keep the connection between homeroom teacher,parents and expat teachers.

-Deliver weekly student planner to the students.

- Communicate issues that arise for individual students or classes withyour direct supervisor.

4. Contributionto lớn the Wellspring community:

-Contribute to organize the events held by IP.

-Adhere to all regulations, policies and otherassignments as dictated by Board of Directors.

- Participate in department and school events on regular basis.


- Bachelor’s degree in English or EnglishTeaching.

- At least one (1) year of increasingly responsible teaching orteaching assistant experience.

- Bachelor’s degree in English or EnglishTeaching.

- At least one (1) year of increasingly responsible teaching orteaching assistant experience.

Benefit ️- 10 mil VND for holidays bonus.- 13th payment & admissions bonus.- Free parking, lunch provided.- Salary đánh giá yearly.

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Location and Working Hour

- 92 Nguyen Huu Canh,W.22, Binh Thanh hao Dist.- Time: Mon to lớn Fri (8:00 - 17:30) và Sat (8:00 -12:00)

How khổng lồ apply

Please send your CV/Resume to:Subject: Position - Full name

(*) Note: Please indicateđất nước hình chữ S as the source of recruitment news in your tin nhắn or cover letter. Only selected candidates will be contacted.----------------------------------

Chưa biết tạo thành CV chuyên nghiệp hóa ứng tuyển tập đoàn đa quốc gia? Tsi khảo những chủng loại CV thành công cùng chế tạo ra tức thì CV của khách hàng TẠI ĐÂY

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