Everything you wanted to know about tops and bottoms


While the terms top, bottom và switch were created by and for gay men, they are becoming more frequently used amongst LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people. They can be pretty confusing, because they can refer khổng lồ someone’s sexual preferences, level of dominance, role in their relationships, or all of the above.

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Whichever you identify with, or even if you don’t identify with any of these terms, there’s someone out there for you. So whether you prefer tops, bottoms, or have sầu no preference at all- use HER lớn connect with queer women who are exactly what you’re looking for. Your person could be closer than you think.

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LGBTQ+ women: What’s a top?

A top in a lesbian relationship is generally the one who is more dominant, & prefers giving khổng lồ receiving sexual pleasure. As with all sexuality, tops fall on a spectrum. Some tops will be happy khổng lồ receive sầu some of the time, but prefer giving. Some tops don’t want to lớn receive at all. Two people who choose to Gọi themselves tops might not work well together in bed- simply because both people will wanmãng cầu give sầu all the time!

People often assume that tops are the more masculine & more confident partners- but this is just a stereotype! There are diesel dykes who are hard bottoms, high femmes that are hard tops, and ‘futch’ women at both ends. The best way to tell if someone is a top is just khổng lồ ask them.

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Switches can be in relationships with tops, bottoms or other switches based on their preferences. Sexual compatibility is based on lots of different factors, so two women both being switches doesn’t always mean they will be compatible. It’s a spectrum, và there are no rules. Just talk khổng lồ your partner about what you prefer, what they prefer, & what works for you both. Whether it’s a hookup or a long-term relationship, sex is always better when you know what one another lượt thích.

How do you know which category you fall into?

These terms fall on a spectrum, so it’s perfectly okay not khổng lồ fit neatly inlớn one of these boxes, a lot of people don’t use these terms at all!. Most people gradually learn where they fall on the spectrum from experimenting with partners, with porn, with toys, & exploring what gets them most aroused. Don’t go into it thinking you ‘should’ be one or the other. Be open khổng lồ the options and have sầu fun experimenting!

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