10 best crypto trading bots in 2021

In this crypto trading tools article, we provide a guide about products that can make your crypkhổng lồ day trading easier. In terms of cryplớn trading tools, we đánh giá,

Crypto Trading Tracking SoftwareCrypto lớn Trading Tax SoftwareCryplớn Trading BotsCryplớn Trading Technical analysis apps

Each of these services has its own properties that you should check out, as they provide advantages for Bitcoin trading, Ethereum trading & trading other cryptocurrencies.

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Cryplớn software tools make trading more manageable & provide additional features to potentially increase your profit. At the same time, they will analyze your trades và make it easier for you to lớn underst& crypkhổng lồ risk management. 

Many tools are available, but you should only choose the reliable ones. We present some trading tools khổng lồ keep trachồng of all your trades among different exchanges & will help you with your crypkhổng lồ trading taxes.


Coin Market Manager is a cryplớn tracking software specialized for derivative trading. 

With Coin Market Manager you get a detailed trade analysis và your investments are broken down into individual trades & trading legs. You will be able to lớn analyse your performance over every historic interaction with each coin.

Coin market manager traông chồng your portfolio with read-only API.

Top 6 reasons khổng lồ go with Coin Market Manager

Seamless Trade Data with read-only API Auto-SyncReal Time Market Value và Stats in both BTC and FiatComprehensive sầu Overview of your xuất hiện Altcoin Positions. Traông xã your Rolling Profit/Loss summary in both BTC and USD.Break Even and Rolling Profit LossIntuitive sầu Trade TrackingIn-Depth Trade Analysis with most profitable trade hours & fee summaryAutomated journaling(read more below)


Coin Market Manager´s feature Automated Journaling is lượt thích a trading diary.

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Here you can easily import your trades & create notes. The notes can be liên kết lớn your charts where you can enter why you bought/sold or anything else you think is relevant khổng lồ mention.

You can also create descriptive sầu TAGS for your trades. These will then allow you filter through your trades later down the line when you are analyzing your performance.

Identify the TAGS that feature most in your winning & losing trades, lớn learn about where you need khổng lồ improve, và double down on habits

In the screenshot below you can see the different price plans from Coin Market Manager.

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With Coin Market manager you can traông chồng your data from the following exchanges



In the table below, you can find the best crypto trading tax software. Below the table you will find short summaries for each one of them crypto trading tax software. Also, you can check our dedicated article for crypto trading tax software.