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Discussions of underfunding & marginalization as causes of an institutional crisis have sầu tended lớn use the following line of argument.
The carver tends to change direction frequently, often crossing his previous marks from another angle.
The only things tending to modify the mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of this pattern are variations in the conditions of transport and accessibility.
There were, then, various reasons tending khổng lồ limit the immediate impact of administrative reforms compared with other causes of changes in population levels.
Moreover, rather as substance dualism tends to lớn bởi vì, it seems to lớn undermine the causal role of consciousness in, for example, bringing about or influencing actions.
What was clearer was that the range of opinion in the press tended increasingly to lớn favour the government.
The fact that it was shown that corporal punishment in a school tended to lớn exacerbate rather than diminish misbehaviour was the principal reason for reform.
In the absence of such a detailed-and repeated-articulation, national security tends not khổng lồ rise very high on the menu of congressional priorities.
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