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Starseed is a digital communication agency, which provides a wide range of services khổng lồ insure our client’s genuine & cohesive sầu message, but also to lớn have an efficient & innovative sầu strategy. We build virtual communities, we create original nội dung & designs, we develop innovative sầu websites & applications, we produce commercials và corporate films, và we organize events and launch brands activation. More than just a communication agency, most of our services have sầu a sales impact that can be evaluated. http://topit.vietnamworks,com/company/STARSEED

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IT phần mềm, IT Phần cứng - mạng

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We are seeking a talented Unity DeveloperAs a Unity developer, you will be responsible for developing high-unique Unity applications.Manage, optimize & integrate various assets (information, images, animations, creative sầu concepts and videos) to achieve desired objective sầu.Support kinh doanh department during the projects development.Implement user interface and navigation.Work in team environment with shared code.Resolve sầu technical problems..​.

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We would like to look for candidate who has strong passion for creating things that can impact & make more value for the project that you are responsible for. Besides that, have sầu an innate desire lớn constantly improve & add value - not only as a person but also through the projects youre working on: - Plan and exedễ thương optimized online adverts through Google, Facebook, Cốc Cốc, etc - Measure performance of digital kinh doanh using a variety of Web analytics e.g. Google analytics, Google Search Console, know how to lớn use Facebook Pixel for optimize Facebook Ads. - Understand customer journeys and lead generation activities for attracting prospects/ customers, know how to lớn run ads and optimize for conversion (Ads Lead Form, Website conversion,..) - Provide creative ideas for content marketing and websites/ landing pages - Acquire insight of online kinh doanh trends and keep strategies up-to-Date - Assist in the formulation of strategies to build a lasting digital connection with consumers - Proactively involved in other projects & analyze ads report