A powerful content management system (CMS) is just the start. Experience Platform™ (XP) also combines customer data, analytics, AI, & marketing automation capabilities khổng lồ nurture customers throughout their journey with personalized nội dung in real-time, across any channel.

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Create unmatched personalized customer experiences with XP

Deliver personalized content across channels & at scale with a single platform Connect with customers across the globe with multisite và multilingual nội dung management Understand your audience with a central repository for customer engagement data Future-proof implementations with headless options that power the ability to lớn create nội dung once và display it across touchpoints Continuously optimize experiences with native sầu analytics, testing, optimization, & machine learning capabilities


Conquer omnichannel delivery

Siloed content & channel management hinder productivity and can be a nightmare for marketers. XP’s headless CMS delivers experiences on any digital device, channel, or touchpoint — seamlessly.

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”Instead of having to make big & slow changes on a semi-regular basis, we can constantly change & optimize.”

Bryan Meredith

Head of Digital, Rabobank

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Accelerate personalization with AI AI Auto-Personalization is the only solution that automatically identifies visitor trends, creates customer segments, & modifies page elements lớn deliver a chất lượng, 1:1 experience.

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Gain deep customer insights

Capturing & controlling data helps you get an end-to-end picture of customer interactions throughout their journey, while keeping costs down & controlling for privacy. enables you khổng lồ collect data from any source và control it from a single location.

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Automate your cross-channel campaigns

Nurturing relevant online conversations keeps your brand top-of-mind. With XP’s marketing automation, you can strategically use drag-and-drop to lớn natively plan interactions and triggers.

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Rapid deployment options Containers tư vấn rapid infrastructure-as-a-code deployment và more efficient solution và team onboarding with modern Docker và Kubernetes technology.

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Put content at the center of your marketing

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A full range of features

Using XP means you benefit from robust digital marketing capabilities, including XM’s industry-leading website content management features.