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Jester"s Cronies One-Troll B& Red France2018

Masaru no Gomaryuu del Castelfalcino Sesame Italy2016CROATIAN CHAMPION - multi bog placements winner

Doki Go del Castelfalcino Sesame ItalyChampion ITA ch Multi Bog Winner Jr ita ch

Akane No Ryuu Go Akanegawa Tatsumisou Red Japan

Kogikuhime Go Nolớn Nakasho Sesame Japan2008Ch Ita ch int , club ch, san marino ch

Explorer"s Fuen kuro no Kamashiro Blachồng và Tan Champion of Sweden và Denmark

Kazakoshi No Kuronishiki Go Yokohama Atsungươi Blaông xã và Tan Japan2008Champion of Sweden

Explorer"s Sayuri Blaông xã & Tan Sweden2007Championne Grece

Guest Star Mika Des Portes de la Moria Red France2011

Dagobố Des Portes de la Moria Red France2008Multi Champion - Ch.

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Spain và Portugal

We-Sedso Xanakondomain authority Riku Blaông xã and Tan Germany2002CH Portugal

Aibori Go Shun"you Kensha Red Spain

Elanor Des Portes de la Moria Red Francech france champion inter champion lux ch gibraltar

Burwen The Messenger Red United Kingdom

Choice by Wolve"s Mountain Red France2007

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