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Phuc Thang Fine Furniture




• In the last decade, PTC has established an enviable reputation for classically inspired, quality furniture. Our influence has come from the great furniture designers of the 19th and 20th centuries, interpreted in a unique and contemporary way.

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• We are a 100% foreign owned fine furniture company based 45 minutes outside Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, within the fast expanding industrial belt encircling the city.

• Phuc Thang holds the position as a foremost producer of the finest quality and most authentic classical and modern furniture in the country.

• A long standing staff with extensive knowledge of furniture work with specialist craftsmen and a highly trained workforce to create these fine products for the European & USA markets.

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• In this website we include the profile of the factory, its facilities, its workers and a selection of our products. Altogether a distinguished combination. Welcome to Phuc Thang Fine Furniture.


• PTC was founded in 1998 to produce medium to high end English and French style 18th-20thcentury interior and teak garden furniture.

• PTC specializes in developing and working with the widest range of materials and finishes.• The core of the staff and workers have been working with us on high end furniture production with these different materials and finishes, for up to 10 years.• Our training schemes for new workers are 3 months.• PTC has7 AutoCad workers dedicated to new product design and constant product designreview. All of them with a minimum of 4 years working experience on our product.• Our minimum orders are approximately x20’s of each item, but will accept Special items as part ofa mixed order.• Production Turnaround time is 10-12 weeks from date of receipt of Purchase Order.• PTC will develop CAD drawing and Quotes from Clients drawings and sketches. Completed drawing are emailed to client for signing off.• PTC will develop and sign off clients finishes.• PTC reports on clients production in Weekly Container Reports.

PTC Product

• Please note that all products shown in our website are designed and made for specific customers unless stated.

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• Our Technical team looks forward to receiving your inquiries and would be happy to discuss with you about the development and design of your furniture.