Ngan luong

AntEx is very pleased khổng lồ announce lớn the AntEx Vietphái mạnh community the cooperation agreement with the payment gateway — the pioneer và leading prestigious e-wallet & payment gateway in Vietphái nam about products & services. Nganluong is positioned lớn provide products & services, market coverage, and payment flow.

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Nganluong is a key partner of AntEx that helps AntEx become more popular to lớn users through the e-wallet application. With millions of users, Nganluong helps AntEx’s VNDT stable coin quickly raise awareness to lớn the users, và VNDT will be easily approached by the cryptocurrency community. The cooperation also accelerates crypkhổng lồ & fiat transactions through the Ngan Luong payment gateway. Basically, VNDT is a Mobile decentralized trading solution that is based on cross-chain among muốn blockchains. Building a global payment is a long-term effort, Nganluong partnership basically increases the adoption tốc độ và reduces the implementation risks of the project.

About Nganluong

Developed by Nexttech Group (formerly known as PeaceSoft Group) in 2009, Ngan Luong allows individuals & businesses khổng lồ send and receive sầu payments on the Internet quickly, safely, và conveniently.

The E-wallet Mã Sản Phẩm is the crucial operating model of Nganluong. Accordingly, users can register for personal or business accounts with 3 main features: deposit, payment, & money transfer. All transactions are processed online via domestic ATM cards, international cards (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex), Internet Banking, QR-Pay…và other convenient forms.

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With millions of users, hundreds of thousands of wallet accounts, & an estimated payment flow that made up over 1/2 of the market nội dung, Ngan Luong has really brought a super payment channel that helps customers easily, simply, & effectively have a great shopping experience while contributing lớn revenue growth for the affiliate business.

About AntEx

The international world & the internal community have sầu praised Antex for creating a cryptocurrency và fiat connection payment gateway since its introduction. Antex claims lớn establish an easy exchange and payment gateway with the funding và assistance of NextTech, a prominent giải pháp công nghệ business with extensive experience in the e-commerce payment area. It is advantageous not only for investors, but also for individuals who have never had the opportunity to lớn interact with cryptocurrencies in a simple & secure manner.

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Additionally, Antex’s VNDT stablecoin intends to lớn make it easier for cryptocurrency holders lớn use their digital assets in everyday life. Investors will benefit from the transaction processing speed, transparency, safety, & security that AntEx’s blockchain-based applications provide, allowing them to lớn better manage their investment.