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  - third-các buổi party Wallet

The MyEtherWallet third-party Wallet lets you connect your device to lớn their platsize, so you can securely display your balances and manage your transactions.

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What is MyEtherWallet

MyEtherWallet is a không lấy phí, open-source interface that focuses on the Ethereum platform. When it comes to sending/storing/receiving Ether (ETH) tokens and other digital assets issued on the Ethereum platsize, MEW is an easy-to-use và flexible solution khổng lồ display & manage your ERC-20 tokens.


Why vì you need a hardware wallet?

When you own cryptocurrencies, what you really own is a “private key”, a critical piece of information used to lớn authorize outgoing transactions on the blockchain network. Whoever has the knowledge of this key can spend the associated funds. Hence the famous expression “not your (private) keys, not your bitcoins”. Owning your private keys gives you much more power & control.

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Check your real-time balance & secure your transactions with your devices






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All other ERC-trăng tròn tokens Hardware

Discover our products

To make sure you securely manage your crypkhổng lồ, we designed two hardware wallets: the Nano S và the Nano X. Our devices allow you to manage multiple assets with a single hardware wallet, in a secured environment.

* Nano S

Protect your crypkhổng lồ with the first and only independtly-certified hardware wallet on the market.

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* Nano X

The Nano X is a new Bluetooth enabled secure device that protects your crypto lớn.