Handy Là Gì

informal Don"t throw those bottles away - they"ll come in handy (= be useful) for the picnic next Sunday.

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The real-time heat of live performing is an especially handy crucible for raising awareness & provoking people lớn action.
There is little here lớn recommkết thúc this book for graduate student readings, classroom discussion or as a handy reference book for the researcher.
The book should therefore be seen as a comprehensive sầu và handy collection of the results of approximately ten years of extensive sầu research.
Contributing to the novice friendly nature of the book there is a wealth of tables and statistical infromation, in addition khổng lồ handy time-lines.
Overall, this is a beautifully crafted thanglongsc.com.vn, handy if slightly heavy, with attractive presentation & reliable nội dung.
Not only are call-backs easily implemented by means of closures, but we have also found that closures are handy to lớn implement pre-existing data structure visualization.
His successors, however, often invoked group selection uncritically whenever it came in handy or seemed intuitively correct.
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a type of dancing where carefully organized movements tell a story or express an idea, or a theatre work that uses this type of dancing

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