Gcg asia: login, minimum deposit, withdrawal time?

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2021 / Financial truyền thông media group GCG Asia Media announced plans lớn launch a new forex trading platform in the last quarter of 2021. GCG Asia Media Founder & CEO Lee Siew said in an official announcement that the new platkhung, FX Insider Asia, will add value and diversification to lớn the truyền thông media group's stable of digital truyền thông properties.

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Also in the cards khổng lồ capitalise on youth retail participation, GCG Asia Media will roll out financial và investor training under its academy và education subsidiary. The academy will offer online courses geared towards new investors who want training in forex trading, commodities, equities and indices lớn start.

"We know that with the rise of youth investors, who are digitally savvy as well as searching for global investing knowledge, there is space lớn offer chất lượng education & training for them. We have sầu a depth of knowledge through our business & finance intelligence unit, so we see this as a synergistic use of our resources," said GCG Asia Media Founder & CEO Lee Siew Yee.

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GCG Asia Media is backed by Guardian Capital Finance Group, a financial services conglomerate. Aside from truyền thông websites, GCG Asia Media provides business intelligence services with in-depth insights, data & analysis of digital related business and finance such as fintech, social, di động & Internet of Things.

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Company Information

GCG Asia Media group is a business & finance truyền thông group operating in markets across Asia with monthly unique visitors of over 100 million across all truyền thông media platforms.


SOURCE: GCG Asia Media

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