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Has anyone had any experience or advice with the FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City? My son needs minor ear surgery.

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40 reviews 89 helpful votes Are you planning on going khổng lồ Vietnam giới for surgery for your son? I might suggest Bangkok as a better place for that sort of thing. I think you will have sầu no problem with your son's surgery at FV hospital, they have sầu some excellent ENT' speciadanh sách, French or Vietnamese. Actually in some areas they are as good or better than Bangkok Bumrungrad hospital. But their are some areas of practice that Bumrungrad is better at. I have sầu had friends that have sầu went to lớn both. I have had 2 surgeries at FV hospital before, a fractured hip from motorxe đạp accident. And I have had surgeries in several US hospitals before also. I think the cấp độ of service và attentiveness is much better at FV hospital. Of course the costs is soo... much less than US hospitals if you have sầu no insurance. Rest assure this is one area that costs doesnt equal to lớn any better care or results.Report inappropriate nội dung AnhLucTooele, UtahLevel Contributor 522 posts

13 Đánh Giá 14 helpful votes 3.Re: FV Hospital 11 years agoSaveYou're going lớn get world-class treatment at FV. If you are there, are are needing it done - I would say go ahead. My wife has been there for treatment in the past - gall bladder and other stomach related issues. This is one of the best hospitals in Southeast Asia.Report inappropriate nội dung KJMUSALLGREAT VALLEY, NY USALevel

Contributor 39 posts4.Re: FV Hospital 11 years agoSaveThanks for the help. We are going to lớn be in Ho Chi Minc City in October. Neither one of us has insurance. We have all ready scheduled an appointment but now I feel better about the hospital. I also need cataract surgery & am considering scheduling an appointment for myself also.

Thanks for all the advice.

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Report inappropriate nội dung ginny_leHo Chi Minc city12 posts5.Re: FV Hospital 11 years agoSaveFV is great, don't worry. My brother had an ear surgery a few years ago. He had problem with his ears in 24 years và now it was solved. He stayed there only one night và went baông xã trang chính the next day, felt well. ^_^


4 nhận xét 7 helpful votes 7.Re: FV Hospital 11 years agoSaveI've been there with ENT problems in the past (no surgery required) & the doctors there, most of them French, are excellent. As previous posters have sầu said it's not the cheapest, and the surgeons at local hospitals are arguably just as good, but the rooms và facilities are much more comfortable.

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If you need a khách sạn nearby, try the Golden Ant boutique hotel.

I have sầu been in Vietnamese hospitals & found them to be no problem & much much better than FV. I would go lớn Cho Ray in preference to lớn FV & if serious, would go lớn Bangkok. I think someone should document all the cock-ups they have made in the press.

Contributor 145 posts10.Re: FV Hospital 11 years agoSaveIm sorry about your friover, Cyberspacecadet. But I think your wrong about recommending Cho Ray hospital over FV Hospital, Cho Ray is definitely not a international standard hospital.

Sure FV has its problems, like their seldom take your medical history and their is some friction between the Vietnamese doctors and the French doctors, but all in all; the equipment, cleanest, experience và training is better than any other hospital in Vietnam. Thats a simple proven fact regardless of patients opinions.

Have sầu you ever been to LAC-USC hospital before or listened khổng lồ Dr. Dean Edell?

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