for short

As an abbreviated khung of something. Please don"t Gọi William "Bill" for short—he doesn"t like it.See also: short

for short

as an abbreviation. The Internal Revenue Service is known as the IRS for short. David goes by Dave for short.See also: short

for short

Also, short for. As an abbreviation. For example, Richard prefers to lớn be called Diông xã for short, or The Fed is short for the Federal Reserve sầu Board of Governors.

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See also: short

for ˈshort

as a shorter way of saying something: Her name’s Joanmãng cầu, but her friends call her ‘Jo’ for short.See also: short

for short

As an abbreviation: He"s called Ed for short.See also: shortSee also:

for short

so as to make shorter; as an abbreviation or nickname简略之;简称The American Broadcasting Company is called ABC for short.美国广播公司简称ABC。The United States of America is called USA for short, or USA is the short for the United States of America.美利坚合众国的简称是USA,或者说USA是美利坚合众国的缩写。

for short|for|short

adv. phr. So as to make shorter; as an abbreviation or nickname. The boy"s name was Humperdink, or "Dink" for short. The National Broadcasting Company is called NBC for short.
for one thing,... for one’s trouble for one's money for one's pains for one's part for openers for part for peanuts For Pete’s sake! for Pete's sake For Pete's sake! For pity’s sake! for pity's sake for practical purposes for quids for real for reasons best known lớn himself for rent for safekeeping for sake for sale for sale by owner for serious for shame For shame! for short for show for some reason (or other) for somebody's benefit for somebody's eyes only for starters for sure for that matter for the ages for the asking for the best for the better for the birds for the birds, it's/that's for the devil of it for the duration for the foreseeable future for the fun of it for the good of for the good of (someone or something) for the heông chồng of it for the hell of it for the high jump for the life of for the life of (one) for the life of me for love or money for one for one thing for one"s money for one"s part for one"s sake for real for shame for short for that matter for the asking for the best for the better for the birds for the devil for the life of one for the most part

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