Chợ bitcoin sài gòn


Bitcoin Saigon is the original home of the city’s Bitcoin community since 2014. Also, serving as a base for overseas experts & Bitc...

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Interview Simon (

If you have attended any of the recent Bitcoin meetups in Saigon, you most likely had also the chance to lớn meet and converse with Simon, who has dedicated his time now since a few years...

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In Community, Aquảng cáo 22, 2021


Location revue - Tippy’s

While the Corona-related shutdowns và “stay home” orders might be causing inconveniences to some of us given the inability to follow our regular lifestyle choices khổng lồ the same degree;...

In Community, Mar 13, 2021

Stephan Livera Podcast 245 with Simon & Wiz of

If you have sầu attended any of the recent Bitcoin Saigon meetups then most likely you had the lucky chance khổng lồ exchange your thoughts about the future of the Bitcoin Ecosystem with Sitháng ...

In Community, Feb 05, 2021

Cryptoeconomics by Eric Voskuil - now available as Paperbaông chồng và Amazon Kindle version

Eric Voskuil - Libbitcoin Lead Maintainer, Lead Organizer of the CryptoEnhỏ event & past Bitcoin Saigon guest speaker - has released his collected writings on the matter of Bitcoin ...

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In Community, Feb 04, 2021

Interview with LNTXBot Creator Fiatjaf

If you are following the developments around the Lightning Network và are an active sầu user of the Telegram Messenger, there is a good chance that you have sầu heard by now of LNTXBot.

In Community, Feb 01, 2021

Bitcoin Saigon at BitcoinMagazine Happy Hour (recording available now)

On Friday, 13.11.20, BitcoinMagazine hosted one of their regular “Bitcoin Happy Hour” podcasts; this time around with two well-known guests from the Bitcoin Saigon Community.

In Community, Nov 19, 2020

Bitcoin BlackFriday 2020! (Interview John Riggins - BitcoinMagazine)

What started out in 2012 with very humble beginnings as a grassroots initiative sầu from some active sầu Bitcointalk members and just a few dozen participating Bitcoin merchants, has grown ov...

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In Community, Nov 12, 2020

LNTXBOT - a Lightning Wallet for every Telegram User

While the Bitcoin và Lightning ecosystem is seeing fast progress in the development in more user-friendly Lightning Wallet options, one of the most simple ways to receive sầu your firs...