Amibroker 6

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AmiBroker is a popular software for the technical analysis of financial markets. Success in investing in stoông xã markets & financial markets is based on two important factors of knowledge và information that the program brings together the two factors together. The most widely used program is the stochồng exchange, both international & financial markets such as Forex and Tehran. The only thing the program needs is initial data và data, which by entering this data into lớn software becomes a technical analysis station and an expert consultant in the stock market.

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The program plays a major role in financial decision making with live sầu price charts and the ability khổng lồ predict market conditions based on prices và other factors. You can easily focus on your favorite indicators and monitor their growth or decline with great care. In this program you can define alerts according khổng lồ different conditions khổng lồ inkhung the user when prices are higher or lower. Chart Engine This software allows you to analyze and edit data much easier than the charts on the Tehran Stoông chồng Exchange website.

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You can filter out unnecessary parts to lớn focus only on changes to lớn your favorite indexes. One of the interesting features of Amy Broker is its smart adaptation khổng lồ your needs and goals. In fact, you can see companies that have the potential to fit your strategies by defining the strategies and quantifying the desired number of times in a short period of time. The tốc độ of data analysis in this program is very high and you won\\\’t have any annoying delays. The graphical interface of the program is also very simple & beautifully designed to make it easier for users lớn interact with the program.

required system  

AmiBroker Hardware requirements

To run AmiBroker you need PC-Compatible computer meeting following minimum requirements

Pentium 450 MHz or higher128 MB RAM20 MB hard disk space256 color graphics card (high color recommended) 800 × 600 minimum screen resolution

Recommended machine configuration

CPU: 1GHz or more, multiple cores512 MB RAM or more

Supported operating systems

AmiBroker works on the following operating systems:

32-bit Windows 10 (any edition)Windows 10 (any edition) 64-bitWindows 8 (any edition) 32-bitWindows 8 (any edition) 64-bitWindows 7 (any edition) 32-bitWindows 7 (any edition) 64-bit32-bit Windows Vista (any edition)Windows Vista (any edition) 64-bitWindows Server 2008 (any edition) 32-bitWindows Server 2008 (any edition) 64-bitWindows Server 2008 R2 (any edition) 64-bitWindows XP (any edition)Windows XP.. x64 (64-bit)Windows 2000 (any edition)Windows NT 4.0 SP 3 (or higher) + Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher installedWindows MilleniumWindows 98 / 98SE / 95osr2 / 95